Exotic & Reptiles

Exotic & Reptiles



Reptiles are becoming very popular as household pets. We welcome all non-venomous snakes, Lizards, Turtles and Tortoises.

Unlike dogs and cats, reptiles do not require yearly vaccines however they can get sick and require veterinary care. The most important part of owning reptiles is making sure that they are kept in the right environment and fed the correct foods.

If you are interested in a new reptile we would love to help with creating the perfect enclosure. Reptiles have very specific requirements for lighting, heat, and humidity, that when set up correctly, can lead to a happy and healthy pet.




Small Mammals:

Did you know that Ferrets need rabies vaccines or that Hedgehogs can get mange?

Call today about getting your furry…or not so furry…friend in for a check-up.

Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rats and many other kinds of cute and furry critters are welcome at West Villa Maria Vet Clinic. Many of these have become household and classroom pets and it is important to keep them happy and healthy.